Special Weeks

At JYS, our curriculum is enriched in many varied and exciting ways on a regular basis with trips, outside visitors and themed days/weeks. We plan a themed week each year which usually takes place towards the end of the summer term. Previous themes have included Australian Arts Week, Science Week – with a focus on different types of energy, International Week – which focussed on French speaking countries, Carnival Arts Week and 2015 sees us launching Enterprise Week! 


In July 2015, the whole school took part in our "Enterprise Week". Each class was allocated a budget and had to work together to create products and services to sell on our Open Day (17th July).
Through the project, the children learnt skills based around 4 main themes: attitude, creativity, relationships and organisation. 
They had to design, cost, make, advertise and sell these products and services.
As a special thank you to everyone who bought items at our school, Year 5 would like to offer you a copy of one of our top-selling posters to download.
Adopting an animal
With some of the money that we raised from our Enterprise Week in 2015, we have chosen to adopt a pygmy marmoset. This little creature had been seen on a Y5 trip to the Living Rainforest (near Newbury) as part of a rainforest topic. The children in this class recognised that adopting an animal was something that we (as a school community) could do to help with the preservation of wild animals - as well as writing letters to people to make them aware of deforestation etc.
To learn more about adopting an animal from The Living Rainforest, here is a link to their site: