Welcome to Year 5

We visited Bishop Luffa School for a "Rocket Science" session. Building projectiles that were powered by air to launching water / air fuelled rockets were just two of the activities that we did on the special afternoon. Here are a few photos of the event.
As part of our work on rainforests, we learnt about deforestation. The children chose how to respond to what they now knew. Eli chose to write to Buckingham Palace to ask what the Queen could do to help with the problems facing the globe. Below is the response that he received.
On Monday 17th January, we took part in the BBC's "Terrific Scientific". We painted blue food colouring on our tongues and measured the amount of fungiform papillae that can be seen in a small, circular area. Depending on the number of these taste buds we were classified as either non-tasters, tasters or super-tasters! Our experiment shows that we have a higher percentage of super-tasters than any other type.
We uploaded our results to the BBC, and we will be watching a live broadcast about this work at the end of January..
On Monday 10th October, Year 5 visited the "Life Expo" at Swanfield Chapel to learn more about the life of Jesus through an excellent interactive studying experience. The children used tablets linked to QR codes to access videos, film clips and quizzes.
Whilst on Year 5 camp, we were interviewed by BBC Sussex Radio. Below is a recording of the broadcast. (As it was a live broadcast from the Cathedral green, it has picked up wind and surrounding noise.)
In Science, we have been looking at "Forces". To see the effects of gravity and air resistance, Y5 made parachutes and dropped them from the hall's wall bars! They used the iPads to time how long it took to fall to the floor, and compared the size of the parachute with the time taken to fall.