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Mrs Ritchie: UN Accredited Climate Change Teacher!


Mrs Ritchie has become one of the first teachers to be a UN accredited Climate Change Teacher. This innovative programme was only launched on April 22! All primary and secondary school teachers need to do is log onto the Climate Change Teacher Academy to access the free lessons (

Mrs Ritchie can now deliver up to date climate change lessons to the children at Jessie Younghusband School and plans to share Best Practice with all teaching staff so that they too can take part in a new innovative programme being trialled in UK Schools.

The UN Climate Change Teacher Academy is being delivered by Harwood Education, in partnership with the One United Nations Climate Change Learning Partnership (UN CC:Learn). Not only will teachers be able to teach their pupils vital lessons about climate change but they will also earn CPD and certification from the United Nations.

Mrs Ritchie is passionate about the environment and says that being a Climate Change Teacher is really exciting and that she is delighted to be sharing her new knowledge with the school. "Making the next generation climate literate is one of the most important things we can do for our children right now!"

Once teachers have completed the five units of the course, they will be accredited by UN CC:Learn to deliver climate change facts and mitigation best practices. They will be able to encourage and generate social innovation, and prepare today’s youth to protect the planet.

Teachers are being offered the chance to take part in a climate change education programme created by Harwood Education, with The One United Nations Climate Change Learning Partnership (UNITAR/UN CC:Learn) and sponsored by YPO. The online training for teachers in primary and secondary schools has been designed to equip educators with the knowledge and confidence to deliver lessons on the topic of climate change to their class and across the school curriculum.


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