Sports Premium

Report on proposed Sports Premium Spending and Impact 2019/20


Details of our spending and the impact this has had for the previous year and the strategic plan for the coming year can be found on the links below.

Schools receive a grant from the government called the PE and Sport Premium. This is paid on an annual basis and has to be used to promote physical activity and to enhance sports provision. It is ‘ring-fenced’ so has to be used for specific things. It cannot ,for example, be used to pay for curriculum PE but can be used to provide professional development for teachers which can include a coach or suitably qualified person working alongside the teacher. Funding can be used to provide additional after school activities and to develop provision at lunch time. At Jessie Younghusband School we have aimed to use the money to have sustainable impact on the amount and quality of sport and PE activity we provide and to encourage all children to engage with physical activity to support their health and well-being.

Additional information about PE and Sport Premium can be found on this link.



Gymnastics CPD (28/01/19)


As part of our sports package with West Sussex West Sports Partnership, we chose to have some CPD around gymnastics for the staff.

Gemma, our trainer, briefed us on what we would be doing, handed us an overview with resources and then got us in to the hall to start warming up! We looked at different shapes, different ways to warm up the children and ways to incorporate how their bodies change during exercise etc…

We got the mats out and came up with our own sequences, in much the same way we ask the children to. Benches, box tops and the wall bars were all incorporated in to our work and we were instructed how we would use this with all age ranges.

It was a really useful session, and we are all already looking forward to implementing what we have learnt with the children we teach.