Our Virtual Learning Environment (VLE)

The school is currently developing its Virtual Learning Environment (VLE).
This is a set of teaching and learning tools designed to enhance a student's learning experience by including computers and the Internet in the learning process. The principal components of a VLE package include curriculum mapping (breaking curriculum into sections that can be assigned and assessed), student tracking, online support for both teacher and student, electronic communication (e-mail, threaded discussions, chat, Web publishing), and Internet links to outside curriculum resources.
In general, VLE users are assigned either a teacher ID or a student ID. The teacher sees what a student sees, but the teacher has additional user rights to create or modify curriculum content and track student performance.
Once live, to access our VLE, go to the "Home Page" of this website and click on "Login" (located at the top right of the page).
If you have not been allocated an ID and Password to access the VLE, please contact the school office (follow the link on the "Contact" tab) and we will be happy to assist you.