On this page, you will find additional resources to help support home-learning.
Details of how to join this summer's Reading Challenge (through the library service) can be found below:
These "activity books" are split, with the first half being maths activities. and the second half being literacy related activities.
There are lots of places where you can find stories being read aloud for your child to enjoy. We have links to celebrities - AND our very own staff - bringing stories to life.

The competition is now open for entries until Monday 14th September 2020
There are three age categories 5-7, 8-11 and 12-15 years with three prizes in each.
1st prize £80, 2nd prize £50, 3rd prize £30 paid in cash
The poems will be judged by the prize winning poet and author,
Emma-Jane Hughes, Lecturer in English and Creative Writing at Chichester University.

The rules are as follows:
1) Poem authors must be under sixteen years of age on 10th January 2020.
2) Only one entry per child is permitted. Entry is free of charge.
3) Poems need to reflect the theme of " Trees ".
They can be serious or light-hearted, specific or general.
4) The age categories are 5-7, 8-11 and 12-15 years. Based on age at 10th January 2020.
Prizes will be awarded to poems judged first, second and third in each age category.
Copyright of poems submitted will rest with the Rotary Club of Chichester.
Future entries will be by email.
Your email needs to contain the following:
The poem itself.
The first name and surname of the author.
Author's date of birth.
Age category within the competition (5-7 or 8-11 or 12-15)
School attended.
Name and email address of the responsible adult and role. (e.g. teacher / parent)

All the above to be typed into the main body of the email. No attachments please.
Send your email to
You have nothing to lose and plenty of time. If your poem is good enough you will win a prize.