The Eco Team asked each class what they felt should be in our school's Eco Code. The team then put the ideas together and wrote our school's Eco Code:


The JYS Eco Code - September 2016

We will respect and take care of all living things in our school grounds - humans, animals and plants.

We will ‘take a minute before we bin it’ by:

  • reusing and recycling as much as we can;
  • putting fruit and vegetable waste in the compost bins.


We will create a clean and tidy school by:

  • always putting rubbish in the litter bins.


We will save water and energy by:

  • turning off lights and taps when they’re not needed;
  • closing doors and windows to keep the heat in during cold times.


We will keep healthy by:

  • walking or cycling to school as much as possible;
  • exercising regularly;
  • being healthy in our food choices and drinking plenty of water;
  • growing our own fruit and vegetables.

Let’s work together to respect today for a better tomorrow!

Our ECO team have made their own decorations to dress the school's Christmas tree.
Our ECO team led an assembly on Monday 15th October where they talked about what they do, what they would like the children of JYS to support them in doing and also what they got up to at the ECO Summit.
It was great to see how confident they were speaking to the assembled children.
Some photographs taken at the Eco-Summit in October 2018.
Development of the pond area

Three student teachers from Chichester University are working to make a real difference to our pond and wildlife areas.

So far, they have dug new beds for butterfly friendly plants; cleared the pond area of weeds so that plants can grow and we can explore; made chalkboards for us to record what wildlife we see.

They have other exciting things planned to help us make the most of our lovely grounds – keep an eye out!