Welcome to the Friends of JYS' page.

The Summer Fair in 2018 had a Wild West Theme. Our thanks to Marion Turner and her team for putting together such a memorable evening, in spite of the heat wave!

The Friends of Jessie Younghusband School

The Friends of Jessie Younghusband School is a very active and supportive association in which all parents and carers are encouraged to take part. They raise significant amounts of money used to enrich the life and learning of the school.

Funds have recently been raised to support the development of the outside area for the Reception class and to purchase a new cooker and playtime games equipment. The Friends also run activities for the benefit and enjoyment of adults and children, including quiz nights, discos and fairs.

The Friends is an invaluable part of the school community and they welcome the help and support of all in a variety of ways, including:

  •        Becoming a committee member;
  •        Supporting and attending Friends events;
  •        Volunteering to help at events.

The school office can give further information about the Friends Association, or put you in touch with one of the class representatives who work closely alongside the Headteacher and Deputy Headteacher to plan and organise events.

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What have we bought with the money that the Friends have raised?
We are often asked what is done with the money that is raised. Below are just a few of the things that the money has been spent on recently.
Jessie's Got Talent
It was lovely to see all the parents and children who turned out to support the acts. What a happy and entertaining evening it was. The highlight for me was seeing the support and encouragement that the children gave each other.
There were 38 acts, and we raised £430.
- Mrs Turner (Chair of the Friends)