House Captains

Our House Captains
Our House Captains are in Year 6, and this year again, each captain was selected by the teachers. In Friday assembly, the House Cup is awarded to the house team that has earned the most house points during the week, and the house captains come out in front of the school and collect the cup on behalf of their team. On Junior Sports Day
if you have any worries, you can always ask the house captains and they will be very supportive.
We asked all of our House Captains why they are pleased to be a House Captain.
Our Ash House Captains are Kaci and Max.
Kaci: "Being a House Captain is amazing because it is a massive responsibility and then in Sport's Day you get to collect up the points. I am just so happy that I am a House Captain. It is such a n honour."
Max: "It is a privilege to be a House Captain because you are representing a big part of the school. I will always present a positive attitude and it's a good thing to try something new. I look forward to winning awards and representing the House."
Our Beech House Captains are Stanley and Chloe:
Stanley: "I am honoured to have been chosen as a House Captain. I look forward to all the things I will be able to do and hope I can do a good job. I may also learn new things."
Chloe: "Being a House Captain is a wonderful opportunity. I would like to make sure that everyone is happy and included, To be a House Captain means that you are trusted by the teachers. I am really looking forward to the year ahead."
Our Maple House Captains are Hebe and Freddie:
Hebe: "Being a House Captain is an amazing honour because it means that the teachers think that I am confident. Being a House Captain also means that you are trusted to collect up the House points and be trustworthy. I am very jubilant to have been picked for the job."
Freddie: "It's an honour to be a House Captain. I will cheer people on in Sport's Day and always have a positive attitude. I can;t wait for the year ahead - to try new things and to learn more."
Our House Captains are Cody and Alexandra:
Cody: "Being a House Captain is a huge opportunity for me. I have always wanted to be one because I want to represent Oak that very best that I can."
Alexandra: "I am full of pride that I have been chosen to be a House Captain. I'm going to lead Oak House the best way that I can. I am happy that the teachers have entrusted me with this honour. I have been hoping for this opportunity and I will do the absolute best that I can for the school and for Oak.
I love sport and I will make a great leader at Sport's Day and other events."