House Captains

Our House Captains
Our House Captains are in Year 6, and this year, each captain was selected by the teachers. In Friday assembly, the House Cup is awarded to the house team that has earned the most house points during the week, and the house captains come out in front of the school and collect the cup on behalf of their team. On Junior Sports Day
if you have any worries, you can always ask the house captains and they will be very supportive.
We asked all of our House Captains why they are pleased to be a House Captain.
Our Ash House Captains are Sam C and Celia.
Sam C: "I think I'm a good House Captain because I am responsible and I'm fun! Being House Captain is fun because I got to go to the culture fair (at Chichester College) and eat lots of cool food."
Celia: "Being a House Captain is a great responsibility as you are one of two leaders who help to lead a quarter of the school. It is great that we will be having amazing opportunities to go and find out different things. It is amazing that you get to work with different people and find out more things about them through the year.
The International Culture Fair was amazing as I learned more about different countries and it will help me as I got through my life as it taught me more about diversity."
Our Beech House Captains are Harry and Harriet:
Harry: "Being a House Captain is an honour because it is a huge opportunity. Also, you can win rewards! I think I make a good House Captain because I always have a positive attitude to learning and I cheer people on during Sports Day."
Harriet: "Being a House Captain is a great honour. I want to make sure that everyone is happy and they are included in everything. The Houses help people work together and work with different people in their House. I'm privileged to be a House Captain and I'm looking forward to the year ahead.
I think the Culture Fair was a good opportunity to learn different things, and to try new things and see what different countries do."
Our Maple House Captains are Jake C and Mia:
Jake C: "I am a good House Captain because I help people if they are in trouble. I think I am a good role model for the younger children. I encourage children to do the right things so that they can earn House points."
Mia: "Being a House Captain is a great honour. You get to do different with the people from your own House and it is great because you get different opportunities to learn about different things. My responsibility is to help people when they are stuck and I am proud of what I do."
Our House Captains are Evie and Sam P:
Evie: "Being a House Captain is an honour because you get to experience great things and get to know and work with other people in your House. I'm sure I'd make a great House Captain because I lobe having different responsibilities and I feel like I can help resolve problems. And I like to think that I am a great addition to the school."
Sam P: "As House Captain, I shall try to do as good a job as I can and will encourage my team on sports day and I will help students in tricky situations. It is a huge privilege to be a House Captain for Oak Team. Also, I enjoy school and try to ensure that everyone has a great time."