Whole School Events

Pop-up Museum 19/10/18
On 15th and 16th October, we took YR - Y5 down to The Novium Museum to explore their LEGO exhibit. Inspired by this, and tied in to the Y5 DT work on designing fairground rides, the children returned to school to recreate iconic landmarks from Chichester and also the Sloe Fair which appears in Chichester every 20th October.
Parents were invited in to see our work and explore it with the children.
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At JYS, our curriculum is enriched in many varied and exciting ways on a regular basis with trips, outside visitors and themed days/weeks. We plan a themed week each year which usually takes place towards the end of the summer term. Previous themes have included Australian Arts Week, Science Week – with a focus on different types of energy, International Week – which focussed on French speaking countries, Carnival Arts Week and this year sees us launching Enterprise Week! 

We also add additional theme days into the calendar such as World Book Day, Children in Need and other charity fundraisers. 

The Little Big Sing
Year 2 joined together with Year 2 children from 4 other schools for a morning of singing. This year's Little Big Sing was based on the theme 'be the change' . Everyone learnt 2 songs to sing together and a third to perform to the other schools. Our Year 2s did a fantastic job and a great tine was had by all.
On Thursday 15th December 2016, KS2 enjoyed a "Gases in the Atmosphere" Lecture and were blown away by what they watched and learnt.
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The Christmas Fair 2016
On Friday 2nd December, we opened our doors to pupils, parents and welcome guests for our annual Christmas Fair.
Children In Need 2016
Friday 18th November 2016 was Children In Need. The children came in "something spotty" and paid a £1 "fine". Faces were painted, cakes were bought and funds were raised for this worthwhile charity.
The Queen's 90th Birthday
To acknowledge the Queen's 90th birthday this year, pupils and staff from JYS sang "God Save The Queen" and "Happy Birthday Your Majesty" before having a piece of birthday cake and a cup of squash on Friday 27th May.
Happy birthday, Ma'am!
Junior Mayor for the Day
On April 21st, Sam (Y6), spent the day with his two councillors (Lucy from Y5 and Will from Y6) attending Chichester's Mayor and helping with his duties.
Lucy: It was really fun at the police station, the Planetarium and the fire station. I especially liked doing the fireman training course! The boat trip on the canal was really interesting, especially as the captain pointed out things we might see.
Will: I enjoyed the fire station because we got to use the big hose and went through the "rat trap"! I also enjoyed going on the boat and seeing lots of ducks.
Sam: I was very proud to be "Junior Mayor for the Day" because I never usualy get picked for things like this.
My highlights were the fire station, the Planetarium... everything! My favourite thing was to see the night sky at the time our Queen was born 90 years ago - they put that show on just for us and nobody else has seen it!
Christmas Fair 2015
Friday 4th December saw us hosting our annual Christmas Fair. It was well attended and much fun was had by all. A HUGE "Thank you!" must go out to the many people who made our event such a success.
Poppy Appeal
As in previous years, to show our support for Remembrance Day, we sold poppies and wrist bands and raised a total of £310.50 for the Poppy Appeal.
Children In Need 2015
This year, we supported the BBC's Children In Need appeal with our children coming to school in spots, stripes or their pyjamas!
Faces were painted, donated cakes were eaten, fines (for the wearing of non-school uniform) were paid, hugs were bought, silences were sponsored and a large Pudsey Bear was filled with coins.
Harvest 2015
All of the classes in the school baked, cooked or created different food that was then sold to raise money for a local charity.