Assessment should be both summative and formative, and has many purposes. It is most useful when there is consistency in judgements across the school and when they are moderated and agreed with all staff internally and across other partner schools.
Our aims of assessement are: 
  • to identify and inform children about what they have to do to make progress;
  • to inform teachers about what they need to do next in their teaching to support good learning and progress for each pupil;
  • to inform parents about their child’s progress and how they can help their child;
  • to inform Ofsted and other external agencies about the performance of the school;
  • to promote shared understanding about performance data;
  • to establish systematic and rigorous procedures for collecting and managing data, with particular reference to standards in reading, writing and maths;
  • to identify gaps in attainment and progress for different groups of pupils in school and in comparison to national outcomes so that the gaps can be closed;
  • to promote effective planning with assessment as an integral and vital element of the learning and teaching cycle;
  • to raise standards in learning and teaching by ensuring accountability and focusing on the needs and progress of all pupils;
  • to secure a consistent approach and common practices across the school.