Forest Schools

Forest Schools and Outdoor Learning

All the children who have taken part in our Forest Schools program have enjoyed it. It has developed their self- esteem and confidence through a series of hands-on learning experiences out in the woodland. Through play and exploration the children have learnt about the natural environment, how to handle risks and to use their own initiative to solve problems and cooperate with others. The photos show a range of activities that the children took part in.

Alongside Forest school the children took part in a series of outdoor learning sessions. The children learnt to design and make a treasure trail, to read a compass and use a map, to pond dip, identify trees and measure their height, to make fossils using natural materials and follow a maths trail.

The children took their forest school books home to share with their families. These are some of their comments:

‘He has been so enthused by his trips to Brandy Hole Copse that he has encouraged us to return’

‘ The forest school experience has allowed her to see how the classroom learning can be applied and expanded in an alternative environment’.

‘ There is so much there and so much happening all the time that it is easy to walk past and not notice. Forest school allows children time to notice!’

‘I would never have tried nettle soup, which was lovely!’

‘I learnt how to make a shelter, light a fire, read a compass and tell the difference between trees’.

‘The discovery of a real alternative to digital and electronic sources of recreation, socialising and learning – right on the doorstep’.


Forest School helps us to be:






Team members








And it’s FUN!