House Captains

Our House Captains
Our House Captains are in Year 6, and each captain was selected by the teachers. In Friday assembly, the House Cup is awarded to the House Team that has earned the most House Points during the week, and the House Captains come out in front of the school and collect the cup on behalf of their team. 
if you have any worries, you can always ask our House Captains and they will be very supportive.
We asked all of our House Captains why they are pleased to be a House Captain.
Marlie: I think I am a good House Captain because I am a good leader. I demonstrate good sportsmanship. I will cheer my team on, even if things aren't going the way I want them to.
Yamen: As House Captain I can represent the school and this will encourage people to let their young child come to JYS. I will encourage others to participate in challenges such as tournaments. 
Emma: When I was chosen as House Captain I was excited and shocked. As Beech House Captain, I enjoy the responsibility of motivating the team. It is important to never give up, to cheer people on and show good sportsmanship. I am always proud of the team, even if we lose, because I know we try our best.
Harry: This year I am going to be a good House Captain and I will help people when they are upset and I will be kind to others.
Peci:I make a good House Captain because I can prove I am a good team leader. Also, I am a friendly person. I am fully committed to leading Maple. I can talk out loud bravely.
Bea: This year, I think I will make a good House Captain because I am supportive of my team and will encourage people to try new things. I am also kind and am always here if people need to talk.
Luca: This year, I am going to be a good House Captain because I am supportive, kind and caring to others.