JYS Sport

It is with pleasure that we are able to share with you some of the inter-school sport that we have taken part in since September 2021.
Here are some our past sporting achievements!
Future Flyers 1 (Jan 2019)
We are pleased to have selected six pupils to attend “Future Flyer” workshops for children who enjoy sport and have shown at school – and outside of school – that they are prepared to push themselves to improve and achieve at different sporting activities. After the session, Lucia wrote an account of what they had done, saying: Future Flyers was really fun, because we did sports such as boxing, Zumba, athletics and some stretching. Boxing was scary and also exciting because some of us held pads and the other people did different punches such as: hook, jab and upper cut. Zumba made you very out of breath because we Zumba-d to five songs altogether. It was a bit like dance, but not as dance-y! It was all really fun and I am excited to go next time.


Sports hall athletics - School Games event - 21/01/19
We were pleased to be invited back to Bishop Luffa to compete again in the School Games Sportshall Athletics on Monday 21st January. Having come third in the last competition, we were invited to compete against the top three from the Chichester cluster and the top three from the Bognor group. The top school would then go through to the School Games final in Crawley on February 15th.
Although we gave it all, it was quickly apparent that we were competing against quicker teams. However, we dug in, taking a second place in the 2x1 lap girls’ relay.  With 120 points, we finished 6th today, but this does not reflect how hard the children worked nor how proud we are of them for their efforts.
School Games - Sports Hall Athletics (10/12/18)

22 of our Y6 children headed down to Bishop Luffa to compete in the School Games.

The event was broken down into 12 events - 6 track and 6 field events - and the boys competed against boys from other schools, and the girls against girls. Children were allowed to compete in a maximum of 2 track and 2 field events only.

First up was the girls’ obstacle race, then the boys’. In their heat, the girls’ team came third. The boys’ team came second.

The girls then competed in the track events, whilst the boys competed in the field.

The track events comprised of some relays, the “Paarlauf” and the “over/under” relay.

(The Paarlauf is a tactical race where the two runners decide how to divide the 6 laps between them.)

The field events included: chest push, standing long jump, standing triple jump, vertical jump, soft javelin and speed bounce.

After all the events were done, the girls and boys swapped over.

It was a noisy, fun and competitive event.

We did very well, nice were delighted to have been awarded third place, out of the seven schools who competed today.


Y6 Squash

On Tuesday 5th December, our Y6 squash team competed against three other schools in a squash-themed semi-final competition at Chichester Racquet and Squash Club. Showcasing their skills with a racquet and ball, our team excelled at the front hand drive and the paired rally, and competed well in new games such as “squetball” (mixture of squash and netball) and “squicket” (squash and cricket). We did so well in fact, that we are taking the squad back to the club on the 12th for the finals.


Y3/4 Football (23/11/18)


We were one of 6 teams that turned out in the cold to play at Bishop Luffa School today. Our 1st match was against The March's 1st team. An early goal in the first match set us off. A second quickly followed. Substitutions were made to keep legs fresh, and we were lucky that the attacks on our goal were high or wide - until they put one in to make it 2-1 to us. We managed to sneak in a 3rd before the match ended 3-1 to JYS.

In our second match, this time against St Richard’s 1st team, we were more hesitant, but most of the play was around their goal. Joshua B rattled both posts with a shot that was ultimately denied, but it incentivised the team to push harder. Eventually, Ava-Lily crossed the ball across the goal and Joshua B slotted it home. Joshua B then battled a scrappy second goal over the line to take us to 2-0.

In the third game against St Richard's 2nd team, we went 1-0 up after five minutes, pressing against their strong defence. It was the first game where our goal was troubled more than a couple of times, but our keeper held his nerve and read the ball well which allowed his to defend strongly. This game ended 1-0 to us.

Game four saw us facing Mundham School. After 3 minutes, our team broke through theirs and saw Oscar dribble in to the box and thread the ball pass the keeper to take us 1-0 up. After a great corner, Scott got his knee to the ball but again found the post - surely it’s only a matter of time before he finds the back of the net? We ended 2-0.

The March's 2nd team was our last game. We went ahead - Edward dribbling his way past 4 players to slot it home and go 1-0. A second goal meant we ended this game 2-0 too.


The children played well, shook hands with everyone they played against and had a ball!


Multiksills at Bishop Luffa (16/10/18)


We took our Year 2 class down to Bishop Luffa School to compete against other schools in a series of physical activities.

Our Year 2 children walked down to one of our neighbouring High Schools yesterday after lunch, and took part in an inter-school competition. The different events included jumping, ladder runs, hopping over low hurdles, passing a rugby ball and many others.

The children greeted each new task with determination and good spirits, and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. When asked about it, they said it was “good”, “fun” and that they would “recommend it to others”! Ava said that she really liked jumping over the little yellow hurdles.

Since returning to school, the Year 2s have already been clamouring for the chance to go out and do more things like that!

Football Tournament (15/10/18) 

We walked down to Portfield School to take part in the inaugural tournament of the Covers Cup. Four other schools attended and we played our games under very black skies. Captained by Stanley from Year 5, we looked forward to our matches.

We drew 0-0 against Kingsham in our first game.
We then rested as the other schools played.
In our next game, Dan scrambled a goal in past two defenders and the keeper after his shot was saved, but nobody was really sure what to do next.
With trepidation, they went out to play Front Lawn School who had just won their game 5-0! Two minutes in, though, and Dan belted the ball in from the edge of the box to take us 1-0 up. We shrugged off some fouls and the ball rattled our goal post in the dying seconds, but we won, 1-0.

We started our last game conceding an early goal, and then a second at the five minute mark. Then a third shortly after.

Having lost 3-0 to Medmerry, we then had to face them again in the final. We lost 2-0.


Lunchtimes in the summer, with the children playing hockey, football, cricket and turning their hand to lacrosse (run by our Bronze Ambassadors).
We pride ourselves on the physical education (PE) opportunities that we offer the children at Jessie Younghusband School. We believe that children should be encouraged to take part in a wide range of activities that come under this umbrella, from playing inter-school football matches to taking part in Forest Schools - one of our "Outdoor and Adventurous Activities" that is part of our PE curriculum.
Infant Agility Festival (22/02/18)
We sent a team of ten to an Infant Agility Festival today. As you can see from the photographs, the children had fun participating in ten different events, and didn't stop for two action-packed hours! We are delighted with how they behaved, how they performed and how they supported each other - and all of the other children there.
Indoor Cricket (05/02/18)
On a cold Tuesday afternoon in February, the Jessie Younghusband cricket team joined three other schools for an indoor cricket event hosted at The Regis School. The JYS team were represented by Luke and Mackenzie in Year 6, Ben in Year 5 and Calum, Iona and Oscar in Year 3. Each school team were competing for a place in the county finals, in April this year.
It is important to remember that indoor cricket has slightly different rules to the outdoor version of the game. Therefore, although the Jessie Younghusband team knew how to play cricket, the majority were not clear of the rules for the indoor version. It was also a very different type of ball that they needed to become familiar with. Despite this, the team represented Jessie Younghusband wonderfully, showing fantastic sportsmanship, great perseverance and fantastic determination. They also showed resilience throughout the games they played.
Jessie Younghusband were one of the first teams to play. For the first game, they were against Barnham School. This game was a fantastic warm up game. They displayed great promise with some brilliant batting, particularly from Oscar, Ben and Luke and two superb wickets from Callum. It was a close competition and Barnham eventually won with a score of 227 against a JYS score of 210. The cricket coach gave the JYS team some fantastic feedback to practice their bowling and to remember that they did not need to run for every hit as this is where we lost the points. Taking the feedback on board, the JYS team showed great determination by going and practicing their bowling and communication when batting.
The second game showed a 100% improvement. Even the coach shared that he could see in just one game how much the team had improved. This game saw some brilliant runs by Luke and Mackenzie, a fantastic run out from Callum, a wicket by Oscar, a catch by Luke and a wonderful display of perseverance and enthusiasm from Iona. There were some big hits again from Oscar, Callum and Ben but what this game showed most was a great display of the JYS values, perseverance, determination, resilience and effort. They encouraged each other and congratulated the other team when they did well. The final score was 261 for Slindon and 236 for JYS. A great improvement.
The final game can be described as the game of "the big hits". The JYS team had listened to the feedback from the previous game and came out determined to improve again. The team decided to bowl first this game and straight away showed some excellent fielding with Iona achieving the catch of the match! Mackenzie showed great perseverance with his bowling. When it was their turn to bat, the JYS team knew they had a score of 243 to beat. The team's determination and effort was superb. Oscar showed great power with his batting and worked well with his partner Luke to achieve some great runs. The team made the brave decision to swap batting pairs and up were Callum and Ben who together scored an amazing 30 runs! The batting then finished with Iona and Mackenzie who kept cool heads and made excellent judgments about whether or not they should run. It was a superb game and the JYS finished with a brilliant score of 252. They had won a game!! Displaying great sportsmanship to the end they made sure they shook hands with the opposing team.
Unfortunately, the JYS team did not make it through to the next stage, but they did manage to draw with Slindon and Edward Bryant School. Barnham will go through to the next stages. Despite this, what the team did display throughout was great encouragement and support, fantastic teamwork, determination to improve, absolute 100% effort, perseverance and resilience when they had moments of difficulty. The team represent JYS wonderfully and made us all very proud. Well done team!