Welcome to the P.S.H.E. section of our website

P.S.H.E. stands for ‘Personal, Social and Health Education’.  At JYS, our P.S.H.E. curriculum is taught over a two-year planning cycle, following the ‘Cambridgeshire Personal Development Programme’ scheme.

From September 2020, it became compulsory for all primary schools to teach children a new statutory Relationships Education and Health Education curriculum.

At JYS, this statutory curriculum is delivered within our wider P.S.H.E. curriculum. We teach topics which, taking the lead from children’s lived experiences, consider related themes, including development of knowledge, skills and attitudes, in an integrated way.


We consider Relationships Education to be a continuous process of learning, which begins before the children enter our school and continues into adulthood. We have planned a curriculum appropriate to each age group with a spiral of progression. All adults working with children have a part to play in supporting the delivery of Relationships Education.


Relationships Education is learning about:

  •        Families and People who care for me;
  •        Caring Friendships;
  •        Respectful relationships;
  •        Online Relationships;
  •        Being Safe.


Please find below some important documents related to the statutory Relationships Education and Health Education curriculum:

  •       Long Term Plan – PSHE;
  •       Long Term Plan – Relationships and Sex Education;
  •       Relationships and Sex Education Leaflet for Primary School Families - Cambridgeshire PDP
  •       Understanding Relationships and Health Education in Primary Schools – A Guide for Parents.