School Council

At JYS, our School Council consists of 2 children from each Key Stage 2 class (Years 1 – 6) and we have additional members from Year 6 who represent and liaise closely with Year R and 1. Our members were elected by their peers to represent the views of their year groups. M

Our School Council members are very active. They have many roles including:


  • attending meetings;
  • researching ideas and issues in their respective classes;
  • planning for whole school developments, such as purchasing equipment and resources for the playground;
  • leading whole school assemblies;
  • meeting with members of the governing body;
  • writing newsletters to parents;
  • deciding which biscuits they should have at the next meeting!

A chairperson and a secretary are voted in for each meeting and these councillors are responsible for leading the meeting according to the agenda and taking notes. The pupils' voice is actively sought and School Councillors regularly liaise with their classes to collect their views of different ideas and issues.

The School Councillors' thoughts and ideas are considered seriously by other children, parents and staff. We take pride in the fact that the children and teachers are working together and listening to each other.

The School Council met on 24th March in our outside classroom, with two of the school's Governors, to discuss the return to school, behaviour, playtimes and many other issues.

Take a look at the meeting agendas and minutes for more information on what has been happening so far during this academic year!