Meet our brilliant Headteacher:
Mr Hanna.
Meet our awesome Deputy Headteacher:
Mr Neaves.
Meet our impressive office staff:
Mrs Aylward and our Business Manager, Mrs Elkington.
Meet our hard-working Premises Officer:
Mr Wilkins.
Meet some of our sensational midday meal supervisors:
Mrs Cockman, Mrs Turner, Mrs Broughton,
Mrs Orde, Mrs Rattray, Mrs Walker, Mrs Corderoy, Mrs Rice and Mrs Dutton.
Meet our wonderful Reception Class team:
Mrs Rice, Mrs Cockman, Mrs Appleby and Mrs Orde.
Meet our astounding Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator:
Mrs Potter.
Meet our fabulous Key Stage One team:
Mrs Smith. Mrs Neville, Mrs Walker, Mrs Ayers and Mrs Saunders.
Meet our amazing Lower Key Stage Two team:
Mr Vass, Mrs Turner, Miss Weir and Mrs Broughton. 
Also, meet our fantastic Upper Key Stage Two team:
Mrs Cooke, Mrs Corderoy, Mrs McGurk and Mr Harman.
And finally, meet our energetic sports coach and our sparkling drama/music teacher:
Mrs Dutton and Mrs McCormick.
The staff noted below, have declared the following business (pecuniary) interests:

DONALD VASS – on the Board of Directors of ‘Portsmouth Supporters’ Trust’ alongside CEO of ‘Pompey in the Community (PITC) – stated aim of PITC is promoting/raising money for PITC, and JYS currently employ PITC coaches.