Our School

The Ethos of Jessie Younghusband School

Jessie Younghusband is an exciting school rightly proud of the achievements of its pupils. We beleive strongly in our values: Aspire, Respect, Enjoy.The Governors and staff work together to secure its continuing development, and follow a carefully prepared School Improvement Plan.

OFSTED inspected the school in July 2013 and judged the school to be outstanding. The report praised the behaviour of the children and also the emphasis placed by the school on the well-being of our children.

The aims of the school are well established and are reflected in the everyday behaviour and attitudes of all those involved with the school.

The school is extending its final aim of encouraging active participation and involvement in our local community and appreciation of our place in the wider world. We are fortunate to work alongside St Anthony’s Special School, and value the opportunity this provides for staff and pupils to learn more of the challenges faced by others here in Chichester, and are extending our understanding of the wider world through assemblies and the History, Geography and R.E. curriculum. 

At JYS we teach all our children to respect and care for others. We set very high expectations of courtesy and manners, and work together to resolve problems when they occur.

We encourage our children to realise their potential and to grow in confidence. We expect them to try their hardest in all they do. This is a model which is also set by the adults in the school. It is a pleasure and a privilege to work with the children of our school. 

School Organisation

At Jessie Younghusband School pupils are currently placed in a class with children of the same age.  Classes are therefore arranged in mixed ability groups and pupils’ abilities are stretched or supported through differentiation of activity or level of expectation. There is one class in each year group, and we anticipate that there will be 211 pupils in the school in September.

Children are taught, for most of the time, by their own class teacher or class-share partnership. There are a few other times when they may be taught by other members of staff, including our Deputy Headteacher. This includes teachers’ 10% Planning, Preparation and Assessment time, when attending courses, or when undertaking other duties or responsibilities. We work closely with additional members of supply staff to ensure that learning is continuous and enhanced by such provision. Other support staff include many highly-skilled teaching assistants who provide extra help or individual attention to encourage or challenge pupils appropriately.