Complaints Procedure

Everyone at Jessie Younghusband School works hard to continually improve our provision for each and every child and family. We are very open to feedback and conduct an annual review, where pupils, staff, parents and governors contribute to our planning for the coming years.
We are very aware, however, that there is a need for a complaints procedure. The policy (below) supports this process for all pupils, including those with additional or special educational needs. We have also included a Complaint Form for if it is required to lodge a formal complaint.

At Jessie Younghusband School, we follow the following four stage procedure:

  • Stage 1 (Informal): the complaint is heard by a staff member (though not the subject of the complaint);
  • Stage 2 (Formal): the complaint is heard by the Headteacher;

The Headteacher can be contacted at

  • Stage 3 (Formal) the complaint is heard by Chair of Governors;

The Chair of Governors can be contacted via the Clerk to Governors, at

  • Stage 4 (Formal): complaint heard by the Governing Body’s complaints appeal panel.

This panel will also be contacted via the Clerk to Governors, at